Actors, Atmosphere, and Integrity

In my work with actors, I find one consistent issue that ripples far beyond the Brads and Angelinas of the industry:  “Atmosphere” between actors and the very real threat that poor boundaries pose to an actor’s personal integrity.  Working the atmosphere is a necessary part of the illusion that’s being created onstage, on set, in […]

Relationships: Romance vs. Reality

“Real marriage begins the day you look across the breakfast table and think, who is that cretin who eats with his fingers and why did I marry him?” a wise pastor said once upon a time.   Romance is a small part of a grown-up relationship, and if you can’t live without a constant current of […]

What is your anger (mis)management style?

Are you an Exploder, an Underhander, a Somatizer, or a Self-Punisher?  Psychologists have come up with different ways to categorize anger styles, but I like these four from Neil Clark Warren (1990).  Since understanding our anger style and the styles of those around us is the first step toward expressing anger in a healthy way, […]