I will honor your pain and struggle, respecting it as an element of your life story and allowing it to illuminate aspects of your identity that remain hidden. Through the therapy process we will endeavor to bring you relief by freeing these aspects of self; however, we will do so by exploring and integrating your pain, harnessing the energy it contains and being curious about the direction it points.

My mission is to embody the integration of mind, heart, body and spirit; to nurture the same in others, and to mediate the mystery that God has found life, for all its horror, worth dying for.

Joanne’s approach to healing is to integrate pain and struggle into a journey of meaning.

She believes that emotional suffering – whether from abuse and trauma; relationship problems, disappointment and regrets; or addiction, anxiety, and depression – can be an important part of self-discovery.




• Traditional talk therapy: You will gain understanding about who you were created to be while identifying the constraints that stand in your way,freeing you to live and love authentically.

• EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing): This highly specialized therapy helps to resolve the past traumas that force us to survive rather than to thrive .

• Life Coaching: Available for those who seek help in setting attainable goals and support in reaching them. Coaching is often conducted by phone for those who travel frequently or live outside of Southern California.

• My clients are: individuals/couples/creative souls/entertainment and other professionals

Saturday intensives and extended therapy sessions are available.

I work frequently with Christian and spiritually-minded clients, for whom emotional pain and spiritual pain are often flip sides of the same coin.


• Anger Management: We will identify how you mismanage anger and help you redirect anger’s potent energy in positive ways, including problem solving and relationship building.

• Panic & Anxiety Therapy:Through our work together you will learn relaxation, mindfulness and breathing techniques and reduce the source of your suffering by coming to a deeper understanding of what is (and isn’t) in your control. EMDR can be incorporated when appropriate.

• Relationship Therapy: I will help you with self-esteem, establishing boundaries, and other skills so you can function as an equal partner in your relationships and have your wants and needs acknowledged as well.

• Premarital Counseling: Invest in your relationship now and reduce your vulnerability to problems later by exploring each other’s psychological family trees, narrating your shared story to this point and exploring standard premarital issues via Prepare/Enrich.

• Peak Performance Work: I can help you harness your creativity as you work through writer’s block, performance anxiety, or anything that is preventing you from achieving your goals as a leader, artist, performer or professional. EMDR can be incorporated when appropriate.