Christians are uniquely screwy about anger

We are all screwy about anger, but as with all issues I think Christians can be uniquely screwy. Many are taught by well meaning churches and parents that anger is bad and God does not like anger, but the Bible does not really say that.  So let’s take a quick surface look at what the […]

What is your anger (mis)management style?

Are you an Exploder, an Underhander, a Somatizer, or a Self-Punisher?  Psychologists have come up with different ways to categorize anger styles, but I like these four from Neil Clark Warren (1990).  Since understanding our anger style and the styles of those around us is the first step toward expressing anger in a healthy way, […]

Be Angry, and Sin Not

Most people are goofy about anger.  We may have learned somewhere that it is inappropriate to be angry at all.  If you grew up in the church, or grew up within certain ethnic groups – Asian, for example, or many of the northern European lines from which I hail – or if you grew up […]